Guest Post: 7 Deadly Sins Of Social Media Marketing That Are Seriously Hurting Your Brand by Eilidh Edgar

I would like to welcome Eilidh Edgar to NAG today. She is here to share some of the most deadly sins that can hurt or even kill you brand.

Personal Aside: the example used in Sin #6 is never ok anytime or anywhere. Just sayin’.


Deadly Sins of Social Media Marketing

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Social media can truly make the image of your brand. But at the same time, if done incorrectly, it can also break your brand and ruin its entire image.
The deadly sins of social media do not just turn off your customers; in fact, their impact is more severe than that. It gives off a bad impression about you as a company and also generates negative publicity, which can seriously hurt your brand. Read on to know more about the seven deadly sins of social media marketing:

1. Mixing Religion And Politics With Your Brand
These are two topics that will seriously antagonize your customers no matter what side you take. When friendships can be severed over religious or political opinions, keep in mind that you are only a business. It would be much easier to sever ties with you.

2. Mixing Personal And Professional Accounts
Your business social media account should be strictly for business. Granted, you need to introduce a personal anecdote or two to add a personal touch but before you post your personal drama, ask yourself these questions:

  • Will it help me to sell my products?
  • Will my audience still respect me?
  • Would my customers care to know?

Refrain from posting if the answer to any of these questions is “No”! The only exception to this rule is when you want to clarify something to your customers. For example, “I will not be taking orders today due to a death in the family”.

3. Losing Your Cool
When you lose your cool in a physical store, the effect is generally contained. But if you lose your cool on social media, it puts the brand’s image on stake because any bad incident has the potential of going viral through either a picture or a video. Remain courteous to customers at all times, no matter how many times they test your patience. This will help you get out of the situation with your reputation and integrity intact.

4. Tooting Your Own Horn
Highlight your achievements but donot make it sound as if there is no one else in the world that is better than you. Firstly, that is not quite true. Secondly, there is nothing more off-putting than arrogance in almost any field. Let others decide how good you are at what you do.

5. Sounding Too Greedy
Yes, you are out there to make money but do not keep going on and on about it. Your customers know very well that you are in a business and you will be making money from it, but rubbing the ‘money part’ in their faces will only annoy them. Social media gives you the opportunity to connect with your customers on an emotional and personal level; take advantage of it.

6. Resorting To The Distasteful
A rape joke may be OK within a selected circle of close friends but in a business setting, this will only alienate your customer base. Not only everyone has different taste when it comes to jokes but also there are limits that should never be crossed especially when you are doing business.

7. Using Cheap Tactics
The best way to get your customers to “like” your content is to make it genuinely likeable. Avoid resorting to cheap tactics such as posting content that include things such as: “like this post if you have guts” or “share it at your own risk”. It only makes you lose credibility and respect in the eyes of your customers.
If you are guilty of any of the above, take a good look at your social media strategy and revamp it if you have to. Be honest with yourself, and do what is required.

Author Bio:
Eilidh Edgar is a career consultant at write my coursework mainly specializing in developing next gen leaders and entrepreneurs. She also loves to blog about the changing trends and methods in the online business industry.

Guest Post: Stay Focused: 9 Time Saving Tools for Writers by Jessica Millis

I would like to welcome Jessica Millis to NAG today. She is here to share some tools to help save time for us writers. Check it out and see if may help you with your efficiency without sacrificing the quality. Enjoy!

Time Saving Tools for Writers

You write a sparkling content, you have a stunning writing style and feel of words. But if you want to pay your bills, you can’t work more time than you’re getting paid for. No one sets out to waste time, right?

But how many times have you found yourself, pouring another cup of coffee freaking out because your client expects their copy tomorrow. Like the coffee is going to deliver creative genius at 10pm.

“Why didn’t I start earlier?” You cry.
“Why did I spend so long researching?” You wonder.
“Why did reply to all those emails?” You regret.

When you work for yourself it’s up to you to meet your deadlines. It’s up to you to put your grown up pants on and manage your own time.

But never fear. Here are time saving tools that will help you write more profitably. You need to manage your time. Lots of tools claim they save time, but there are many times when they simply add more steps into an already slow process. The true fact is that the most hassle-free and time-saving services are those that allow writers to check and alter your work so that you do not have to. The tools here are very varied, but each one is useful for saving time in one way or another. They all have features that make them useful to both academic writers, students and freelance writers. Actually, these tools are useful for everyone.

1 – Convert Case

This is one of the greatest time-saving tools of all time. It is a tool that hundreds of people should have created and yet here is the only website that offers it (for free). If you type or copy something in a capital case, or a lower case, this tool will change it for you. If you want your titles to have the first letter of every word as a capital letter, then this tool will do that for you too. It is the sort of tool that seems worthless when you don’t need it, and seems like a gift from the heavens when you do.

2 – Write or Die

This is a tool that makes it so that you write as much as possible without distractions or procrastination. If you stop writing for a certain amount of time, then it starts making noises and annoying you. You can set a tolerance level for if you have to do a lot of reading before each sentence, so that it doesn’t become unnecessarily annoying. It helps you write and keep writing. It helps to stop you becoming distracted by reminding you that you are supposed to be writing.

3 – Mind Node

This is a nice tool you can use to organize your thoughts. It allows you to create mind-maps. You can create mind maps to organize your ideas and thoughts and link them together. You can put a number of things onto one image so that you do not have to paw through hundreds of notes to remind you of what you need to write about or do. If you need to remember key concepts, then you can put them into a mind map and save time later through not having to go through your notes to remind yourself of the key concepts.

4 – Word Count by Essaymama

This is a tool you can use to count how many words or characters are in the text you have pasted into the tool. Copy and paste sections of your work into the tool and see if you have gone over word count. It is also handy if your boss or client wants you to use a set number of characters because you can check how many you have used. You can also alter your text within the browser and it shows updates on how many characters and words have been used.

5 – Spin Bot

This is a time saver if you need some content and you need it now. You can copy content from another website, enter it in the spinner, spin the content and then proofread it. You will have to carve away a fair chunk of the content, but what is left is usable and hopefully will fool the plagiarism detectors. Toggle the options as you use it to see a variety of results.

6 – Spell Check Plus

This is an independent spelling and grammar checker that only gives a certain amount for free. If you want to use it for free you can only enter 250 words for each check. If you subscribe and create an account, then you can enter around 3000 words per check. The tool checks your spelling and grammar and suggests improvements. It is rather good at pointing out dropped or over-used commas. The tool works online and will work on your web browser. The only downside is that it takes a few seconds to load the results, which can become tiresome if you are checking a lot of work at one time.

7 – Evernote

This is an organizational tool that many people claim helps them save time. It is certainly good as an organizer and reminder tool, which may be all the help a person needs in order to save time. This tool will help you take and organize your notes, video, files and audio, and will also allow you to set reminders so that you do not forget important dates and such.

8 – Inbound Writer

This is a tool you can use prior to writing your post or article. You can check to see if the tool thinks your post will fly or flop. It uses data collected from similar texts and from online metrics. If you are a big believer in trends directing attention without fail, then this is the tool for you. If you are a big believer in the chaos theory, then every result this tool gives is as good as a wild guess. See if any friends or colleagues have a subscription and try theirs to see what you think.

9 – SpellCheck 24

This is a spelling and grammar checker that you can use on your web browser. Paste your text into the tool and click the button. It checks your work and then offers simple suggestions. It is free and very easy to use, plus it does not take a long time for the results to generate, so you can check numerous pieces of work a little faster.

Author Bio: Jessica Millis, a freelance writer, editor and content creator. Jess has 12-years experience in educating, writing and other content related -ing things.

Guest Post: Social Media SEO Resources to Improve Your Search Ranking by Eve Haugen

I would like to welcome Eve Haugen to NAG today. She is here to share some some thoughts about using social media to help boost your SEO. Check it out!

Any business that is keeping up with the modern trends will tell you that SEO is a big and important method that is worth investing in. This is because SEO has proven to improve the website of a business most especially when it comes to search ranking. Of course, companies want that much needed exposure in order to carry out the promotion of products and services that they specialize in. They need to convince everyone that they are the leading brand of that particular industry. One of the best and most convincing tools that any company will want to invest time and effort in is social media.


One of the best social media tools today is Facebook. It has reached 1 billion users worldwide and is still continuing to grow. A lot of people can be found on Facebook and are likely to browse it compared to any other social platform in the similar field. Because they find interesting material in this site, they spend more time here. Also, you can share your favourite articles and posts with just a few clicks. The chances of it being seen is very high. If you are able to provide quality products and services and respond to people who are particularly looking for them, it is most likely to improve your overall search ranking.

Social Media and SEO


Among all the tools, one that adheres SEO and social media together is none other than Twitter. This social media tool boasts of having more than 550 million accounts. Here, you are able to send tweets with images, texts and short links. Unlike Facebook, which tends to be lengthy, Twitter is able to capsulize all of that. Since people value their time and use it wisely, they are more likely to respond to those that attract the eye or spark the curiosity among the tweets. By viewing and retweeting the most common links in your company’s account or better yet, make your content as original as possible, these actions are bound to boost your business’ search ranking.


Social Media and SEO


Since people respond better to moving images or videos rather than purely text, another tool that has been proven to be the favourite of many is YouTube. The number of people uploading videos in this social media website has boomed to over 14 billion videos. You can find almost anything and everything on YouTube. Companies should focus on improving their content by reinventing or introducing new features so that it can attract a lot of viewers on this site.

Social Media and SEO


As you can see, social media has a significant impact on SEO leading to the search ranking of any company’s website. If a company is able to exhaust valuable resources on these things, then it is guaranteed that they will have a steady flow of traffic to their website. By acquiring more traffic, this means a large possibility of gaining more customers. As everyone knows, this is beneficial for a business because these customers are the ones that bring in the profit.

About the Author

Eve HaugenEve Haugen has been a freelance writer for a long while. Her passion in writing is her main drive in crafting articles that are engaging, informative, and meaningful. Her partnership with QuickSEOResult has given her a whole new opportunity to take writing to a whole new level.


Guest Post: 8 Different Jobs You Can Pursue As A Freelance Writer by Alastair Trot

I would like to welcome  Alastair Trot to NAG today. He is here to share some information about some jobs you can hold as a freelance writer both old and new? Check them out and see what could work for you!

Freelance Writing

Just because you call yourself a freelance writer does not mean you have the ability to do it all. While there are some writing jobs that are not meant for everyone, there are plenty of other gigs that you can try your hands on. You would be surprised to hear about the number of jobs that you can pursue as a freelance writer. Take a look at the following few freelancing jobs in the field of writing that you could consider pursuing for a successful career ahead:

  1. Copywriters

Copywriters are considered as one of the best freelance categories in the field of writing. The responsibility of a copywriter is to write stuff on the basis of sales and marketing. A copywriter has a higher demand than other forms of writers. Although very few people know about this category of writing, almost all professionals know about this line of work. Corporate sectors prefer freelancers who can copy-write more than freelancers who can produce an average form of work.


  1. Translators

Are you a bilingual or a multilingual? If you answered yes, then this category is for you. Translators are given a piece of work in another language and they are required to use their skills for translating it into a desired language keeping a consistent flow of quality.


  1. Technical Writers

The world is moving ahead at a speed of light, and with all the technological advancements in the market, there is an increasing need for the technical writers. This category of writers is responsible for typing out manuals and technical pieces of work for the industries and technological corporations.


  1. Web Content Writers

Web content writers are responsible for generating content for different websites including descriptions about the company, their services, their products and portfolios. Most of the web content is supposed to be informative and targeted to attract customers to a specific brand. If you think you have the ability to attract customers and clients using just the power of your words then you can become a web content writer.


  1. Assignments Writer


If you have a deep knowledge and understanding of any academic field or subject, you can share it with those (students, mainly) who require assignment writing help. Believe it or not, there are many learners who lack the skills and seek expert writers to do the job for them.


  1. Audio-Video Writers

This category is relatively new that deals with a writer receiving a special audio clip and being requested to write all about it. Sometimes, these speech clips can also be replaced with video clips. In either case, the freelance writers have to take a small piece of audio and generate content about it to a desired length.


  1. Story Writers

This category is one of the most creative categories when it comes to freelance writing. As a storywriter, you are required to generate a fictional piece of work around a topic. For example, if a company works as a muscle car company, they might ask you to make up a story about a customer who bought and had a great experience with their muscle cars.


  1. Review Writers

This is one of the comparatively knowledgeable categories of freelance writers. Review writers are normally expected to write reviews on different products, movies and places defining their experience with the service. Although this category pays less, it is a fun and less extensive task to do.


  1. Blogger

Bloggers are another common type of freelance writers. Bloggers normally are expected to have none to minimal experience but are required to write a piece for a specific blog daily. These writers are generally not paid so much but have a great experience when it comes to writing about a specific category and for a specific brand.


Alastair Trot is an expert writer known in the education world for his expertise.

Guest Post: 5 Tools Everyone in the TWITTER FOLLOWER Industry Should Be Using by Sheena Mathieson

I would like to welcome Sheena Mathieson to NAG today. She is here to share 5 tools that everyone who uses Twitter for business should use. Enjoy and try them for yourself!

5 Twitter Tooks

Many companies are now turning from one social tool to another in order to reach out to a specific audience. This refers to the kind of audience that the online industry is relying on so that they can reach an array of the company’s products and services. Using a social tool like Twitter allows the distribution of information to reach each and every Twitter follower. Here are a few tools that everyone in any Twitter follower industry should consider using.

Long links can take up a lot of characters, which can be a problem for Twitter whose characters are limited. If anyone needs to shorten those links, it is recommended to use Not only that, but it saves a lot of time by sharing these shorter versions of links to more than one account. Through, individuals can make customized domains that match for their company. This personal touch creates trust among any Twitter follower.

Hootsuite is another favorite tool used by the online industry. If a company uses more than one social media, Hootsuite allows its users to manage them instead of having to open them individually. By doing it this way, it saves a lot of time and effort that can be used somewhere else in a more productive way. Not only is it easy and convenient, it is a single platform that allows you to access all of the social network channels that the company is in.

Another popular social tool used in the online industry is BufferApp. Instead of flooding every single Twitter follower with interesting and relevant news that one finds every minute, this tool allows the user to send these links in accordance to a schedule. This is important so that followers won’t get annoyed with overloading of tweets at a single time. The user can set up a particular schedule based on time to evenly distribute such information.

SocialBro is another social tool that companies can invest on. This is because its users can analyze critical data and assessment towards a path of making important decisions that can enhance any marketing strategy. SocialBro reaches out to a target audience that is vital for any company. It attracts potential clients and customers.

Another powerful tool that can be added to the list is Twitterfeed. Shared quality content can be viewed by the audience over multiple social networks. After users have distributed the content, statistics can be tracked and monitored. This way, users can analyze which content is popular among the audience so that users know what kind of content to look for in the future when the need arises.

All of these social tools can be used in the online industry in order to boost and promote a particular business to an audience who is in need of such product or service. These are meant to be used for long term measures so that companies can watch as they progress or bounce back after a series of downfalls. A combination of marketing strategies as mentioned earlier are important in order to reach the company’s goals.

About the Author

Sheena MatthiesonSheena Mathieson, understands the essence of making excellent content that suits the needs of every business especially when it comes online marketing. She can spice up your marketing campaign with the content she makes and then incorporate Buy Real Marketing services.

Guest Post: Four Key Components To Your Perfect Holistic Marketing Design by John Kelly

I would like to welcome back John Kelly to NAG today. He will share some thoughts about marketing. Enjoy!

Marketing Design

Marketing is a concept that can make an average product look like luxury and sell it to millions. It creates an opportunity in the market, which will develop the product into a need and a brand for a number of consumers. Sometimes marketing can offer so much value to products and raise awareness that without which it can become hard for companies to sell what they are offering. The importance of marketing today is much more than before, the reason for this is the availability of so many alternatives, brands, products and counterfeit solutions that a consumer looks for a leverage to base their decisions on and marketing as well as branding allows them to do that. The difference between the Nike and Addidas shoes is nothing when it comes to durability, performance and use but only the brand perception is such that it creates enough space for two so similar brands to co-exist and be successful in the market.

In the 21st century, the marketing has changed a lot, today there are so many different avenues from marketing from on-ground to social and digital media and traditional media as well as out of home. Brands and companies try to cater to all avenues in order to maximize their message reach to all consumers out there, but the trick when utilizing all avenues is the fact that the message across all the platform should be the same so that the consumers do not confuse themselves. This synchronization in the message means a more holistic approach to the marketing concept called holistic marketing. The idea of holistic marketing gave itself birth from the need to keep the communication message across all platforms same, in order to create more in-depth marketing. Today, we will discuss four different components that make up your holistic marketing approach for a brand or product.

Building relationships

Marketing is no more selling for profits. It is about creating mutually beneficial and profitable relationship with customers in order to encourage them for repeated purchases and recommendations. Relationship in marketing is done through different ways, the more common ones include customer service in order to make customers feel they are valued, offering loyalty programs for long term purchase with the same existing customers and other similar avenues. Relationship building with customers through marketing helps because when customers can trust a brand or a product they will instantly buy it.

Integrated Marketing

Integrating all marketing solutions and message to create one strong strategy is another key concept to holistic marketing. When you integrate all your messages as one strong objective and communication your customers are bombarded and subconsciously fed the same message in order to make them remember.


Being ambassadors of your own brand is important. You cannot expect your consumers and customers to trust your brand if your own people are unhappy with it. So owning up the brand and having the ambassadorship for it is extremely important.

Performance and Returns

Finally performance measurements against the objectives and strategy are crucial. You as a brand should always focus on monitoring the return on investment you get through the proposed strategy in order to ensure efficiency and success.


Author Bio:
John Kelly is the writer of this post. He always wants to provide better and authentic information to the readers because he knows the importance of article writing. Recently he partially connected with a custom homework writing service for providing assistance and guidance to the student in a convenient manner.

Company and Product Review: Cometdocs

Are you a blogger or another kind of professional that handles a lot of different file types? Ever received a file that you don’t have a program or an app for on hand? There is an app for that, but where do you find that app? Enter in the frustration of having to look on the internet for a free app to view/copy/edit the file and risk downloading viruses, finding a bait-and-switch scheme that won’t give you what you need for free. The program or premium service is too expensive to have for something you just don’t use that much.

Some of the more common conversions like: Word to PDF, PDF to JPG, the reverse, or a whole other range of combinations each have their own free app that are online and they are frustrating at best or completely useless at the most. To add insult to injury, some of them have file limits per day or a tiny size limit or they email your file to you and it may never come since not all of them let you download right off. They usually don’t play nice with Dropbox or Google Drive.



Let me introduce you to Cometdocs. You have all the file conversions you can think of all in one place. You can upload or import from Google Docs or Dropbox. You can sign up for free or look at their pricing plans to see what works for you. They have a table to show you what you don’t get for free so you can weigh in to see if a paid subscription would work better for you or not. They have a one time fee where you don’t have to pay again. That rarely happens and that is probably the best deal ever if you do a lot of conversions!

They have recently created an app that works directly with Google Drive. Read this post on their blog for details and how you can integrate it with Google Drive.

As a blogger, author, publisher, PR specialist, and everything else in between, I do a LOT of file conversions which will only increase as business does. I was excited to be able to check this out as it looked like something that would (finally!) be useful as opposed to a ton of unneeded programs and a bunch of bookmarked free online apps that don’t work half the time. Don’t get me wrong, if someone needs something converted once in a blue moon, then those would be great for them. Not so much for someone like me.

Disclaimer: I was contacted by a member of Cometdocs where I received a free trial offer for the premium service from Cometdocs to try their product for review. This doesn’t affect the honesty of my review. The opinions are are my very own and aren’t in any way influenced by Cometdocs or any of its associates.


The user interface was very straightforward and very easy to use. Upload and import from both Dropbox and Google Drive were a snap. I personally  have accounts at both Google Drive and Dropbox. The drag and drop method of choosing files was both user-friendly and neat.

Adding the app to Google Drive based on the above step by step instructions (which I did) were straight-forward and simple and spot on. The blog is helpful and customer support is also available if needed. Response time was great.

File conversions are a breeze and download and/or emailing the file is also a very cool feature. This is especially useful for someone who has to use file conversions for their business and can save a step or two with the download/upload conundrum.

I really like how they have thought of just about every file imaginable from the common ones to the not-so-common-didn’t-think-they-used-anymore ones like WordPerfect (I have actually gotten files from this program). So this saves time from having to “go on an app hunt” to both view, copy, or edit from a program you don’t/might not want to buy/download or risk getting viruses or dealing with those pesky bait-and-switch schemes for something you need done quick.

I believe the paid options are very affordable and will pay for itself in no time in time saved, hard drive space saved, missing, hair, and all the unnecessary things that go along with working with files. The one time fee is probably the best deal.

Customer service with my contact was speedy and friendly. They are constantly improving by listening to customer feedback. That’s also great to know.

Case in short, I was very impressed.

The one improvement I could think of would be to have a desktop app (kind of like Primo PDF, but with all the conversion power that Cometdocs has to offer) for use when you aren’t able to get online or don’t need to get online to do something. Offering this with both the paid and free options would great, just the difference in features, but not cost any extra. Just a thought!

Rating: 5/5 Cool B-)

Guest Post: Effective Tips on How to Thrive as a Professional Writer by Anjelina Williams

I would like to welcome Anjelina Williams to NAG today. She is going to share some info and tips about how to thrive as a professional writer. Enjoy!

Thriving Writer

With the increasing competition and race in the field of professionalism, it is better to adopt certain traits and changes that help in gaining success. In order to cope better with the existing circumstances and scenarios, it is important to revisit yourself and bring about certain personality changes within yourself, so that one can manage and handle well with the professional environment. In the aspect of writing, revisiting is necessary, because it allows and helps you to analyze the flaws and negatives within you and gives you some time to reform them with care. These new developments are a necessary factor for a successful and an efficacious life ahead, people who are young and fresh in the field of writing need to revolutionize themselves more as compared to the others because it is them who will be now looking for the assistance and guidance from the employers. Therefore, personality development is one single factor on which success is dependent, as writing is the reflection of one’s personality. The entire debate revolves around this fact, keep reentering yourself as a writer, meaning reexamining oneself in a professional workplace is significant because it allows you to update yourself, it helps you to see those elements that are helping you move ahead in your workplace and similarly, allow you to filter those elements that are creating certain obstacles and hurdles in the way of success – also known as the writer’s block. Similarly, talk to yourself! Contemplate upon those things that can be the motivating force behind your writing skills, allow your mind to wander to the imaginary world, even sky is not the limit. Imagination allows creativity that helps you to put yourself in the paper. As writing is just the thoughts, perceptions as well as philosophies around which your life revolves, therefore, just create and enhance the relationship between you and your paper, ponder more and allow your mind to float broadly, so that the readers can enjoy them by reading on the paper. Lastly, celebrate your life by expressing yourself with ink! Following are some of the basic guidelines that need to be accepted in order to gain prosperity and success for a writer.

Motivate Yourself

The first step towards expression is to encourage and stimulate yourself; find any sort of inspiration around you that can help you to move faster and in a constructive direction. The act of motivation is described as the act of warming up your mind, hence mental preparation is essential and in this way things are easier and it helps you to move in a continued successful direction. Motivation is not at all a physical act, but it is an activity to broaden one’s mind. Help yourself, watch motivational videos and talk to prosperous people around you. Therefore, motivation is the prerequisite and the first step to get started; if an individual seems motivated and enthused enough, victory and success can be easily interpreted by reading. Have a positive and a right kind of attitude and keep believing yourself.

Break some Cliché’s

The more the novelty is, the more success will be achieved. It is true that experience is one thing that leads towards success, but nowadays people prefer something that is original in nature as well as interesting enough to read. No one wants to read about the same subjects and topic every day, this can easily put the audience off. Bring something new, produce interesting material and allow your fan base to increase. Break the clichés and introduce new standards as well as material to be enjoyed. Gaining new experiences in the field of originality, polishing and refining the old ones, will assist you in moving ahead in the direction leading towards success.

Write short

A good writer is the one who can easily express with the use of non-clichéd and short phrases. This ability and skills within the writers approach, allow them to move forward as it is widely appreciated by the readers. They enjoy how easily and conveniently a writer has put his thoughts into words by using short sentence and phrases that have not taken their time. Hence, write shortly, but do it well!

Stay in the Spotlight

Try to be efficient and well organized in your thoughts, this allows a writer to be highlighted. The more exhausted, lethargic and lazy a writer is in their thoughts, the more difficult their performance will be. Hence, try to be active, lively and dynamic within the mind, organize thoughts as this does now allow confidence and optimism, but staying in the spotlight means a writer should develop the habit of being buoyant enough to interpret their philosophies into the paper.

Author’s Bio:

The author Anjelina Williams is an exceptional worker at Homework services at AssignmentDoer. She is a professional career guide and has received a degree in career progress and development. With her outstanding skills, she is guiding students in their homework and assignment completion.

Guest Post: The Application of Social Media in Business Administration by Katherine William

I would like to welcome Katherine William to NAG today. She is here to share some information about using social media in business administration which authors and writers can glean from since being an author is a business in itself and social media is necessary. Enjoy!

Social Media in Business Administration

Technology has touched every single aspect of human life and picturing life without it is awkward and unmanageable. Social media is a novel and an impressive product of technology, around which our lives are dependent, absolutely and completely.
By saying our lives revolve around social media is actually true in a literal sense. People are more impressed by this new approach rather than any other thing. Social media is defined as online communication through different mediums such as websites and blogs.
This approach is novel in its sense because no other such development has taken place. Social media is used for a variety of purposes that include exchanging information, expressing opinions, defining strategies, sharing photos and manifestation of speech.
This is defined as a vast and huge medium through which one corner of the world is actually connected to the other corner. Initially, used for entertainment purposes and commitments, the scenario has again taken a turn and social media serves purposes other than entertainment as well. Social media, hence is used and adopted by different business oriented folks who are learning and are on the verge of expanding their business and what better and a perfect way could there be other than the social media?

Social media has enough space for advertising purpose, these new websites allow young entrepreneurs, financiers as well as other business agencies to promote their work and communicate with other businessmen as well. This result in exchange of information, which is benefiting both sides not only that, but also businessmen can advertise and promote their industries through this forum.

With the help of paid services, business companies can advertise on social media through which exposure and publicity is given to their respective companies. Since, social media connects different minds, it helps to promote and publish the work of businessmen and their companies. Moreover, new business strategies are appreciated and acknowledged throughout with the help of social media. In a nutshell, social media is a perfect opportunity for the purpose of business publicity.
Social media is an exceptional way to study and receive information as well. Business related tips are available online and also posted on different social media websites by professional expert businessmen. Hence, to increase business related information one can also pay a visit to social media websites to keep themselves updates and enhance a bit of knowledge relating to the field. Lastly, business related debates can help create a healthy environment that can bring the two poles together for one purpose.
Enhancement of Business
With the help of proper advertising, promotion and exposure many existing settled business companies can post job requests on social media as well, which helps them to gain maximum employees of experienced nature. This is how businesses are improved and enhanced and this is another way to open up different global branches across the world. There are different websites available, created solely for the purpose of professional communication and linkages. These associations are created to enhance professional relationships among people.

Author’s Bio

Katherine William is an employee at Chiefpapers-Academic paper writing. She has been working in the company as a Senior Assignment manger for 5 years. She has received her education in the field of Computer Sciences and has earned a Masters degree in Business Management.

#Infographic: 50 of the World’s Most Translated Books

I would like to welcome Stephen from 7Brands to NAG today. He is here to share an infographic and some brief information about 50 of the world’s most translated books. Hope you Enjoy!

An infographic released by the translation company 7Brands to celebrate World Book Day has shed light on 50 of the World’s Most Translated Books. Other than being a genius and writing a classic work of fiction such as Don Quixote, does the list provide any clues about how to make your book more appealing to translators and foreign audiences?

The good news is all types of books make the list. Commercially successful but critically mauled books like The Da Vinci Code and the Twilight Series sit happily along Nobel prize winning author Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s 100 Years of Solitude, while every age is catered for from The Hungry Caterpillar to Catcher in the Rye and Gone With The Wind.

With that said there are trends: a look down the list shows that many of the most translated books provide moral lessons – Pinocchio, Andersen’s Fairy Tales, The Alchemist, To Kill A Mockingbird and Charlotte’s Web are all didactic. The significant thing about these books are the lessons they teach are just as relevant for readers in Australia as they are in Argentina.

But books don’t always need universal themes to make them accessible to a wide audience. People are more adventurous than ever and want to discover more about cultures and places that are alien and little known to them. This is why books like Wolf Totem which takes a close look at the culture of Mongolian nomads and Han Chinese farmers have fared so well outside their country of origin.

This just goes to prove that you don’t need to write a certain way or about a certain thing for it to be of interest to people around the world – write something you love and feel passionate about, because passion is something that doesn’t get lost in translation.

50 Most Translated Books