Interview with Sarah Juckes and Introducing

I would like to welcome Sarah Juckes the communications manager of She is here to answer some questions and introduce their model for independent publishing. Delve into the questions and feel free to go by their site and kick their tires and see if they may be right for you.

Completely Novel

1) Can you explain CompletelyNovel in 50 words?

CompletelyNovel is a friendly publishing platform, specializing in helping authors create, publish and sell beautiful print books. We’re a little different to most publishing platforms. For one – we offer 100% royalty rates. We also have a friendly team on hand when needed, expert advice on tap and some of the best print quality around.

(That was 54 words – sorry!)

2) 100% royalties – how does that work?

Rather than taking a commission from book sales, we offer authors the option to ‘subscribe’ to publishing for one flat fee per month, or per year.

So, let’s say an author subscribes to our publishing Plus Plan. She pays £7.99/$11.99 per month to publish two different titles – perhaps her novel and its sequel. For this, she gets the use of our online tools to create her book, the opportunity to print copies at cost price, two ISBNs and distribution worldwide via high-quality print-on-demand.

As we don’t take any commission from her book sales, 100% of the book royalties are passed back to her on the first working day of every month. And that’s it! No upfront fees or hidden costs needed.

3) How is this different to publishers such as Createspace and Lulu?

Most other publishing platforms operate by taking a commission from your book sales, or by charging an upfront fee. As we cover our costs with a monthly subscription, an author can earn 100% book royalties. These means she will only ever pay £7.99/$11.99 per month to publish, whether she sells ten books, or ten thousand.

Currently, CreateSpace take a 40% commission of the retail price of every book sale, and Lulu takes 20% of the royalties. The math can get a bit confusing, so we’ve covered it in full detail using Pride and Prejudice as an example, here.

4) What kind of authors suit CompletelyNovel’s publishing subscriptions?

Our subscription model particularly suits authors who sell more than six copies of their book a month, so we have a lot of passionate writers on CompletelyNovel who are working to do just that.

Authors don’t need to have any previous experience with publishing. We have lots of free advice for newbies on our website, so they can learn as they go.

Books doing particularly well with us at the moment range from travel memoirs, to women’s fiction – literary masterpieces to business books. Ultimately, we find that a book’s success is down to the determination of the author who drives them.

5) What kind of authors DON’T suit CompletelyNovel?

CompletelyNovel isn’t for everyone. Authors who are looking for a ‘hands on’ publishing experience are better off going to a publishing services provider – the cost of which can be anything upwards of £700/$1000. We also don’t currently offer eBook distribution, although 99% of our authors publish an eBook independently to go alongside their print book, which we encourage.

One of the great things about subscribing to publishing on a monthly basis is that authors are free to leave whenever they want. They maintain all copyright to their work and their book will simply become unavailable if they choose to leave.

6) What’s the cost of a standard print book on CompletelyNovel?

Authors can actually calculate the print cost of their book here.

So – for an average 250 page paperback novel, it’s about £3.25/$5.04.

7) Where are you based?

We are in sunny Brighton, just south of London (by the sea) in the UK. We’re a small and friendly team, and most of us are actually writers ourselves.

Although we’re based in the UK, thanks to the wonders of the internet, we have authors publishing with us from all over the world.

8) Where can writers find more information?

Authors can find out more about what we do, here.

If you want more information on how subscribing to publishing works, we’ve popped it into a handy infographic, which you can find, here.

And yes – you can even drop me a line via a contact form, here.

Guest Post Discover Why Content Is the King of Digital Marketing by Rene J Scott

I would like to welcome Rene J. Scott to NAG today. She is here to share some info about why content is so important to digital marketing with a fresh perspective. Enjoy!

Content is King in Digital Marketing


In today’s tech driven world, marketers are using digital platforms to get spotted in the crowd. Undeniably content is playing a key role to capture the attention of potential as well as existing customer over digital platforms. But the surprising fact is that a large proportion of digital marketers are unaware about the unbeatable pros of distinguish content that can empower them to boost their business operations. Therefore in this article we would discuss some unbeatable pros of content marketing that any digital marketer could learn as well as implement to grow their business graph proactively.

Search Engine Optimisation

Nowadays online marketers are using search engine optimisation tactics to double their business visibility as well profit. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a marketer of a business you can open up the doors of opportunities via solid web content. Keep in mind to produce an original and relevant content if you want to place you website on top ranking of powerful search engines. Otherwise search engine will hit you and you will miss a great opportunity to expand your business.

Social Media Marketing

Social media has transformed the way marketers connect with their customers. Now marketers could easily sign up to popular socialising forums to increase their interaction with customers. You just need to post a fresh content regularly on your business page to boost your online presence. By doing this you will not only increase your followers on your socialising forums but also run a successful branding campaign.

Best for Leads Conversion

Believe it or not you can drive billions by using the power of words effectively. By using the power of word s you can easily satisfy your prospective customers to purchase your product and services. If you want to generate endless leads for your commodities, then you must utilise content worn techniques to accomplish our business goals in the best manner. In this way you will not only generate more leads but also move your business to the next level.

Showcase Your Product

No doubt content marketing is the best way to define product and services to every customer. Now any marketer could easily communicate with their leads via impressive content. With high-quality content, any business could easily build a strong relation with their customers. This is why successful marketing campaign is incomplete without an attention grabbing content. Thus, if you want to drive more customers to your business then you must follow this great strategy of digital marketing to stand out from the crowd.

Drive More Business

When it comes to drive more customers for a business content marketing plays a lead role. This is because impressive material would not only tell about your products to your customers in a transparent manner but also convince them to purchase them. Therefore it is vital for you to hire a professional content creator that will easily hook the attention of your targeted as well as current customer to multiply your sales revenue.

Increase your ROI

The more you will advertise your business via content marketing the more sales revenue you will drive for your business. Nowadays, businesses are increasing their rate of turnover by devoting cost effective content marketing technique. When you will share your valuable content over leading platforms, you will easily enhance your sales turnover. In this way, you can also multiply your sales revenue in a fast track manner to make your vision come true.

In the end, it could be said now that by reading the information shared in the above passage any business could easily promote their business in a transparent manner by utilising content marketing strategy.

Author Bio:

Rene is an expert content writer and holds master’s degree. She works with a writing consultancy and helping students to buy essay online from any valid organization. She has been in this field for more than 5 years.

Guest Post: Time To Get Acquainted With Striking Logos & Their Hidden Meanings by Jyoti Bhandari

I would like to welcome back Jyoti Bhandari and Designhill to NAG today. They are here to share a new interactive site that shows the hidden meanings of popular logos. If you have a business, chances are you have a logo. What is the hidden meaning behind YOUR logo? Have something to share? Leave a comment!

Are you aware that Nike logo is actually inspired from the statue of Greek Goddess of victory? Or that the logo of Sun Microsystems is crafted in such a way that it retains its readability no matter which view you take?

Striking, isn’t it? The art of finding meanings in void has been in human nature ever since per-historic days. However, the craft of putting hidden meanings in logos is a virtue of modern-day designers.


Designhill, one of the fastest growing custom design crowdsourcing marketplaces, has created an interactive microsite that offers an extravagant dose of information on some of the world’s most iconic logos and their hidden meanings such as the ever-popular logos of Hyundai, Lacoste and Audi.

So, get set to dive headfirst into the world of creativity. Click here to check Designhill’s interactive microsite and get acquainted with the hidden meanings behind 72 evergreen logos from across the globe.



Guest Post: How to Effectively Explore the Power of Content Marketing Channels by Jyoti Bhandari

I would like to welcome Jyoti Bhandari to NAG today. She is here to share some thoughts about exploring the power of content marketing and its channels as this is how business, no matter what it is, and even authors can learn from. Enjoy!

Content Marketing Channels
[Image Source – Designhill]

Bill Gates once famously quoted that content is king. Now, with dynamic marketing scenarios and increased number of content channels, I couldn’t help but share this wonderful quote from Jonathan Perelman:

“Content is king, but distribution is queen, And she wears the pants.”

This tongue-in-cheek quote questions a lot of things. Are your content marketing efforts measurable? If yes, what’s the true value? Are your content marketing initiatives able to connect content to revenues? And, what exactly are you looking for from your content marketing campaigns? Prospect Engagement, brand awareness or leadership?

Let us look at following statistics to know the power of content marketing channels, courtesy Kapost.

  • 2% of marketers think that branded content is more effective than magazine advertisements, 69% say it’s superior to direct mail and PR.
  • 82% of prospects say content targeted to their industry is more valuable.
  • 9 in 10 organizations market with content.
  • 95% of B2B enterprise marketers use content marketing.

Now that we know how content marketing is such a powerful tool, let’s learn how enterprise society can effectively explore the power of content marketing channels.

The Potential In Creative Web Pages

Content Marketing
[Image Source – pvmgarage]

Business owners have stopped using neighborhood-basement-designers in order to give their website a rich feel. In fact they are opting for professional crowdsourcing websites such as for various Website and Blog Designs. Reason? Because they now understand that content marketing has a lot to do with design as well. Here’s how you can explore the power of content marketing channels through creative web pages:

  • Induce High-quality, professional-looking photos and Images: You don’t want your users to think your products/services/brand is just as inferior as your images.
  • Visualize your content, induce more graphic elements: In current dynamic market, it is almost vital to use to graphic elements rather than traditional text-based content.
  • After text & graphics, it’s the time for Videos: Don’t shy away from using videos in your website, because if a picture can be a thousand words, a video is then a short booklet.

Boost Your Brand with Infographics

Content Marketing

[Image Source –]

There is a sudden craze among marketers for infographics because it’s so delicious that you want to taste it. An infographic is designed in a manner that you would want to read the whole content, you would want to know the kind of elements used. Quite like when Windows XP came for the first time, we just wanted to look at it, precisely because it was filled with many interesting things at once. Here is how you can effectively boost your brand with good and relevant infographics.

  • The Interest keeps on growing: There is almost 96% increase in the viewership since 2005.
  • Target Audience are more attracted in Visual elements: A Survey says that 90% of information that comes to people’s mind is visual in nature.
  • Viral Compatibility: Almost every time an infographic is made on the planet, it goes through at least 10K likes.

Using Video Marketing to Your Advantage

Demand Metric published a report indicating that 70% of business-owners are now shifting towards videos for marketing. As much as 82% marketers believe video marketing to be more successful than other channels of marketing. Obviously these numbers indicate that there is a wide scope for videos to market your products and services, and video marketing strategy can boost both sales and brand value. Here is how you can effectively use video marketing to your advantage.

  • Identify your audience: While there is a big scope for video marketing, it is important that you first determine the segment of audience where you are going to showcase the video. Factors like, regional internet excess, video relevance to specific area, shopping history etc are to be kept in mind before proceeding.
  • Call-to-action: Once you are done producing the video, it is important to introduce a call-to-action or else it might fail to yield the desired results. Make sure you know beforehand what action do you want people to take after they have done watching the video. For deep impact, you should include a call to action in both visual and audible manner.
  • Distribute is queen: Do not overlook the power of social media when distributing your video. Promote it through many channels. Also, do not forget to optimize it for mobile viewing since large number of users are now using mobile devices for viewing videos.

Wrapping it up

The process of creating a communication tool demand a thought out through understanding of why it needs to be done, for whom and how. It has to go through the prism of modern marketing. In order to develop a cross-media marketing platform, one has to stay away from the traditional methods of ‘been there done that’ attitude.

Let us know how you have been doing it for your business. What has been your most powerful medium for content marketing? Drop down your comments below.

Author bio: Jyoti Bhandari a blogger. In her spare time, she generally write on topics concerning design, E-commerce, startups. When not writing, she love spending her time playing video games and watching cartoon movies!

Drag and Drop Features To Simplify Designing Your WordPress Site by Solostream

Solostream is here to talk about some of their WordPress themes. WordPress is commonly used to build websites and having an awesome looking site is a great start in helping you promote you business no matter if it is books, web design, publishing, underwater basket weaving classes, or whatever. Check these out as well as what is on their site.

As an open source platform, anyone has the opportunity of exploring various WordPress themes and introducing modern features to make a website look more like a pro. There is one significant customizable feature that one should look for a WordPress theme, and that is the drag and drop feature. This is a feature that will allow you to customize your web page layout and other features simply by choosing from the options available and dragging them to arrange your chosen website elements. To help you make a better choice when selecting multipurpose Wordress themes with the drag and drop them builder feature, here are some that are worth checking out.

WP Brilliance

Enjoy a more flexible layout when designing your web pages with WP Brilliance. You can easily tweak on its web page designs using custom page builder and create a slider to highlight your content. Its responsive design also helps your website to automatically adjust the placements of your page elements in order to display its content in organized manner even on a mobile or tablet screen. You can arrange the buttons, columns, icons and many other customizable elements using a drag and drop feature with great convenience.


Fast Line

This is a multipurpose WordPress theme that is optimized with several pre-designed layouts. With its drag and drop feature, you can easily arrange the elements of your pages. Change the design of your web pages, customize the gallery, add buttons, icons and forms, including customizing your layouts and widgets to your site with a breeze.



This multipurpose WordPress theme is excellent in optimizing your website for HD video publishing. It is supported by a fully integrated visual composer plugin with the drag and drop feature. This theme is great for someone who wants to create a WordPress site with multimedia contents. Its menus are also customizable, and you can easily create parallax pages for your site. The theme is supported with animation features and you can adjust the sizes of the image or video content. You can enjoy these features without the coding knowledge required.

 photo SS3_zpsojh10jgj.png

Template Toaster

For someone who needs some serious tweaking and customization on their web pages, this multipurpose theme for WordPress can be a good choice. Its drag and drop features are intuitive in giving the user more leeway of modifying the content. You can organize every detail of your web page elements simply by dragging and dropping them according to your preferences. Among the customizable elements include the header, footer, sidebar, widgets, as among many others. There are pre-made templates that you can automatically assign as your website theme design. There are several modules that you can drag and arrange accordingly.


WP Professional

If you are a professional who want to market and promote your skills and profession online, but does not know how to create your own website, using the WP Professional theme can give your career a boost. The drag and drop feature of this multipurpose WordPress theme will give even the novice WordPress user a good chance to create a professional looking personal site to showcase your services, portfolio and skills. There are impressive built-in features that you can instantly use to jumpstart creating your website and with its drag and drop feature, you can arrange the elements any way you want it. Anyone has a good chance of customizing their WordPress site layout and designs without the coding skills with this WordPress theme.


Get your highly customizable premium WordPress themes with an advanced drag and drop feature now here and be one of the proud WordPress site owners in the web today!

Guest Post: Marketing On Facebook Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Read These 6 Tips by Sheena Mathieson

Facebook Marketing

If thinking about Facebook marketing gives you a headache, then you might not be focusing wholly in extracting the best approach in marketing on Facebook. If you find Facebook marketing extremely hard, you might have not yet kept contact with the best Facebook Strategies. If these dilemmas ring a bell, get ready to ease the difficulty. Marketing on Facebook doesn’t really have to be hard. Read on and pick up some tips that can help you uplift your Facebook strategies further:

1. Engage with your fans fully
Focus on how you can increase the extent of engagement you have with your existing fan base. This can be your chance to get your brand recognized by them, so always reply to their comments, messages, and posts about your company. Reply in a manner that builds rapport and friendship. You need not to sound objective and robotic in doing so. It would be ideal of you can take time to respond in a genuinely social way. Act not just a business entity, but their actual buddy in a digitally social platform.

2. Post on a regular basis
Regular posting sends search engines a signal that your content updates are fresh and updated. Also, a healthy volume of regular posts shows how you pay attention to your business page and how often you open engagements to your fan base.

3. Use the power of videos
If you’re thinking of a good post to share or to upload, maximize the trendy impact videos impose. People easily get attracted to videos especially those with enticing titles and they easily click on those. So, note this fact and get it applied.

4. Carefully think of which content is worth posting
The kind of posts you make shows your approach and the kind of interaction you want. If you are sales- driven, you might be compelled to post merely promotional posts which talk entirely about your company offers all the time. However, this isn’t what the audience wants. They want something more substantial, something informative, engaging, exciting, and something unique. If you find a content update that belongs to any of these criteria, give it a go.

5. Post contents that have two-way impact
It is ideal to keep conversations and interactions with your audience at all times. Do not focus on posts that promote one- sided content. You have to trigger and elicit their interaction and responses so post something like a question that appeals to their causes, beliefs, aspirations. You can start a debate or a discussion of a topic relevant to your niche. You can even simply ask them feedback or suggestions on how to improve the service you have or the industry you’re in in general.

6. Use Facebook ads and Maximize Insights well
Creating Facebook pages are free, but accessing Facebook ads involve minimal investment (depending on the scope you want to cover and the budget you are willing to shell out). When you use Facebook adverts, you can easily target the exact audience you want your ads to be seen. You can choose their gender, language, location, interests, profession, and so on. You can also have a management tool in the form of Insights wherein you can check your week-long or month-long activity. This involves the number of likes, shares, post reach, and engagements you’ve had. Everything about Facebook has now been made easier. You can easily identify here the Facebook Strategies that worked and those that didn’t. As you go along, you can easily come up with the best blend you can use to enhance your approach about Facebook marketing.

About the Author

Sheena MathiesonSheena Mathieson, understands the essence of making excellent content that suits the needs of every business especially when it comes online marketing. She can spice up your marketing campaign with the content she makes and then incorporate Buy Real Marketing services.

Product and Company Review: Able2Extract 9.0 by Investintech

new author, new authors, self publishing, publishing, book publishing, book, books, ebook, ebooks, ebook publishing, newbie author, newbie authors, authorship, marketing, book marketing, self promotion

File conversion tools can be a must for bloggers, business owners, authors and publishers or just about anyone who works with many different file types all the time. You never know when you need a handy-dandy tool on hand that can do the job when you need to convert something. I was able to try a new one out: Able2Extract 9.0 by Investintech. Even though it may not cater to all author/publisher needs (at least right now), it could help you with most!

Disclaimer: I was contacted by Investintech to try their product Able2Extract 9.0 for free. This has no effect on my views of the review of the product or my overall experience.

What is Able2Extract?

Able2Extract is a type of file conversion software that can convert just about any file into PDF or vice versa. You can open the PDF and make a few tweaks to it, but it is not a “PDF Editor Tool”. It also gets its name of being able to “extract” some information chosen by the user prior to conversion.

Before you simply think “it’s just another file conversion tool, and we have so many of them already”, there are some things that help set it apart from many of the others (not all).

It is one of the few programs you can download to your computer when you try it for a free trial or purchase a license to use it. You don’t have to bookmark a page and login on the Internet. This is nice if you aren’t in a place to get on the Internet and need to convert something on-the-go. Plus, there will be no need to upload and then download the finished file. Saves time and data usage (if that would apply to your internet connection).

It is also one of the few programs that I have been able to find or try that can handle PDFs that come from a scanned document. Some tools simply do not like them. Not sure why. This is one of the things that really stood out in my mind.

Have a lot of files to do at once? Then you can also do a batch conversion.

You can encrypt and protect your converted documents should you feel the need.

About the User Interface

The interface is straightforward and easy to use. Appearance was clean and user friendly. There are available tutorials available to you should you need them on their blog as well as on Facebook and Twitter. They also provide customer support. I have a couple such tutorials as a sample below.

Creating a Secure PDF

The New PDF to Excel Custom Conversion

They have many file conversion options to choose from: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Open Office, Publisher, HTML, and any of the image file types (bmp, png, jpg), and more.

Some of the settings can be easily tweaked to fit your needs. It’s very easy to play around with and not worry about breaking anything!


The pricing for the full license for all the features is pretty reasonable and will pay for itself in the long run if you expect you will do lot of file conversions for your business in time and resources saved. Furthermore you have one tool to do the job, not several that all have separate licenses. Click here to compare pricing and features and get a paid subscription.

Not sure or want to try it out before buying? They have a free trial available to you. Click here.


Everything was very neat and user friendly. I didn’t really run into any crashes or technical issues during my trial. The download went smoothly and the program didn’t take up a ton of space on my computer or bog down the RAM.

This already great product could always have some kind of improvements to make it even better. Some capacity to share documents via email or to sharing tools like Dropbox, Google Drive, or Photobucket from the interface for instance? Possibly watermarking should the occasion call for it?

My contact at Investitech was very friendly and got back to me within reasonable timeframes and provided any information I needed for trying out the program.

Rating: 5/5 Cool B-)

Have you used it or would like to share comments or thoughts, please leave them below!

Guest Post: 7 Deadly Sins Of Social Media Marketing That Are Seriously Hurting Your Brand by Eilidh Edgar

I would like to welcome Eilidh Edgar to NAG today. She is here to share some of the most deadly sins that can hurt or even kill you brand.

Personal Aside: the example used in Sin #6 is never ok anytime or anywhere. Just sayin’.


Deadly Sins of Social Media Marketing

Image credit:

Social media can truly make the image of your brand. But at the same time, if done incorrectly, it can also break your brand and ruin its entire image.
The deadly sins of social media do not just turn off your customers; in fact, their impact is more severe than that. It gives off a bad impression about you as a company and also generates negative publicity, which can seriously hurt your brand. Read on to know more about the seven deadly sins of social media marketing:

1. Mixing Religion And Politics With Your Brand
These are two topics that will seriously antagonize your customers no matter what side you take. When friendships can be severed over religious or political opinions, keep in mind that you are only a business. It would be much easier to sever ties with you.

2. Mixing Personal And Professional Accounts
Your business social media account should be strictly for business. Granted, you need to introduce a personal anecdote or two to add a personal touch but before you post your personal drama, ask yourself these questions:

  • Will it help me to sell my products?
  • Will my audience still respect me?
  • Would my customers care to know?

Refrain from posting if the answer to any of these questions is “No”! The only exception to this rule is when you want to clarify something to your customers. For example, “I will not be taking orders today due to a death in the family”.

3. Losing Your Cool
When you lose your cool in a physical store, the effect is generally contained. But if you lose your cool on social media, it puts the brand’s image on stake because any bad incident has the potential of going viral through either a picture or a video. Remain courteous to customers at all times, no matter how many times they test your patience. This will help you get out of the situation with your reputation and integrity intact.

4. Tooting Your Own Horn
Highlight your achievements but donot make it sound as if there is no one else in the world that is better than you. Firstly, that is not quite true. Secondly, there is nothing more off-putting than arrogance in almost any field. Let others decide how good you are at what you do.

5. Sounding Too Greedy
Yes, you are out there to make money but do not keep going on and on about it. Your customers know very well that you are in a business and you will be making money from it, but rubbing the ‘money part’ in their faces will only annoy them. Social media gives you the opportunity to connect with your customers on an emotional and personal level; take advantage of it.

6. Resorting To The Distasteful
A rape joke may be OK within a selected circle of close friends but in a business setting, this will only alienate your customer base. Not only everyone has different taste when it comes to jokes but also there are limits that should never be crossed especially when you are doing business.

7. Using Cheap Tactics
The best way to get your customers to “like” your content is to make it genuinely likeable. Avoid resorting to cheap tactics such as posting content that include things such as: “like this post if you have guts” or “share it at your own risk”. It only makes you lose credibility and respect in the eyes of your customers.
If you are guilty of any of the above, take a good look at your social media strategy and revamp it if you have to. Be honest with yourself, and do what is required.

Author Bio:
Eilidh Edgar is a career consultant at write my coursework mainly specializing in developing next gen leaders and entrepreneurs. She also loves to blog about the changing trends and methods in the online business industry.

Guest Post: Stay Focused: 9 Time Saving Tools for Writers by Jessica Millis

I would like to welcome Jessica Millis to NAG today. She is here to share some tools to help save time for us writers. Check it out and see if may help you with your efficiency without sacrificing the quality. Enjoy!

Time Saving Tools for Writers

You write a sparkling content, you have a stunning writing style and feel of words. But if you want to pay your bills, you can’t work more time than you’re getting paid for. No one sets out to waste time, right?

But how many times have you found yourself, pouring another cup of coffee freaking out because your client expects their copy tomorrow. Like the coffee is going to deliver creative genius at 10pm.

“Why didn’t I start earlier?” You cry.
“Why did I spend so long researching?” You wonder.
“Why did reply to all those emails?” You regret.

When you work for yourself it’s up to you to meet your deadlines. It’s up to you to put your grown up pants on and manage your own time.

But never fear. Here are time saving tools that will help you write more profitably. You need to manage your time. Lots of tools claim they save time, but there are many times when they simply add more steps into an already slow process. The true fact is that the most hassle-free and time-saving services are those that allow writers to check and alter your work so that you do not have to. The tools here are very varied, but each one is useful for saving time in one way or another. They all have features that make them useful to both academic writers, students and freelance writers. Actually, these tools are useful for everyone.

1 – Convert Case

This is one of the greatest time-saving tools of all time. It is a tool that hundreds of people should have created and yet here is the only website that offers it (for free). If you type or copy something in a capital case, or a lower case, this tool will change it for you. If you want your titles to have the first letter of every word as a capital letter, then this tool will do that for you too. It is the sort of tool that seems worthless when you don’t need it, and seems like a gift from the heavens when you do.

2 – Write or Die

This is a tool that makes it so that you write as much as possible without distractions or procrastination. If you stop writing for a certain amount of time, then it starts making noises and annoying you. You can set a tolerance level for if you have to do a lot of reading before each sentence, so that it doesn’t become unnecessarily annoying. It helps you write and keep writing. It helps to stop you becoming distracted by reminding you that you are supposed to be writing.

3 – Mind Node

This is a nice tool you can use to organize your thoughts. It allows you to create mind-maps. You can create mind maps to organize your ideas and thoughts and link them together. You can put a number of things onto one image so that you do not have to paw through hundreds of notes to remind you of what you need to write about or do. If you need to remember key concepts, then you can put them into a mind map and save time later through not having to go through your notes to remind yourself of the key concepts.

4 – Word Count by Essaymama

This is a tool you can use to count how many words or characters are in the text you have pasted into the tool. Copy and paste sections of your work into the tool and see if you have gone over word count. It is also handy if your boss or client wants you to use a set number of characters because you can check how many you have used. You can also alter your text within the browser and it shows updates on how many characters and words have been used.

5 – Spin Bot

This is a time saver if you need some content and you need it now. You can copy content from another website, enter it in the spinner, spin the content and then proofread it. You will have to carve away a fair chunk of the content, but what is left is usable and hopefully will fool the plagiarism detectors. Toggle the options as you use it to see a variety of results.

6 – Spell Check Plus

This is an independent spelling and grammar checker that only gives a certain amount for free. If you want to use it for free you can only enter 250 words for each check. If you subscribe and create an account, then you can enter around 3000 words per check. The tool checks your spelling and grammar and suggests improvements. It is rather good at pointing out dropped or over-used commas. The tool works online and will work on your web browser. The only downside is that it takes a few seconds to load the results, which can become tiresome if you are checking a lot of work at one time.

7 – Evernote

This is an organizational tool that many people claim helps them save time. It is certainly good as an organizer and reminder tool, which may be all the help a person needs in order to save time. This tool will help you take and organize your notes, video, files and audio, and will also allow you to set reminders so that you do not forget important dates and such.

8 – Inbound Writer

This is a tool you can use prior to writing your post or article. You can check to see if the tool thinks your post will fly or flop. It uses data collected from similar texts and from online metrics. If you are a big believer in trends directing attention without fail, then this is the tool for you. If you are a big believer in the chaos theory, then every result this tool gives is as good as a wild guess. See if any friends or colleagues have a subscription and try theirs to see what you think.

9 – SpellCheck 24

This is a spelling and grammar checker that you can use on your web browser. Paste your text into the tool and click the button. It checks your work and then offers simple suggestions. It is free and very easy to use, plus it does not take a long time for the results to generate, so you can check numerous pieces of work a little faster.

Author Bio: Jessica Millis, a freelance writer, editor and content creator. Jess has 12-years experience in educating, writing and other content related -ing things.

Guest Post: Social Media SEO Resources to Improve Your Search Ranking by Eve Haugen

I would like to welcome Eve Haugen to NAG today. She is here to share some some thoughts about using social media to help boost your SEO. Check it out!

Any business that is keeping up with the modern trends will tell you that SEO is a big and important method that is worth investing in. This is because SEO has proven to improve the website of a business most especially when it comes to search ranking. Of course, companies want that much needed exposure in order to carry out the promotion of products and services that they specialize in. They need to convince everyone that they are the leading brand of that particular industry. One of the best and most convincing tools that any company will want to invest time and effort in is social media.


One of the best social media tools today is Facebook. It has reached 1 billion users worldwide and is still continuing to grow. A lot of people can be found on Facebook and are likely to browse it compared to any other social platform in the similar field. Because they find interesting material in this site, they spend more time here. Also, you can share your favourite articles and posts with just a few clicks. The chances of it being seen is very high. If you are able to provide quality products and services and respond to people who are particularly looking for them, it is most likely to improve your overall search ranking.

Social Media and SEO


Among all the tools, one that adheres SEO and social media together is none other than Twitter. This social media tool boasts of having more than 550 million accounts. Here, you are able to send tweets with images, texts and short links. Unlike Facebook, which tends to be lengthy, Twitter is able to capsulize all of that. Since people value their time and use it wisely, they are more likely to respond to those that attract the eye or spark the curiosity among the tweets. By viewing and retweeting the most common links in your company’s account or better yet, make your content as original as possible, these actions are bound to boost your business’ search ranking.


Social Media and SEO


Since people respond better to moving images or videos rather than purely text, another tool that has been proven to be the favourite of many is YouTube. The number of people uploading videos in this social media website has boomed to over 14 billion videos. You can find almost anything and everything on YouTube. Companies should focus on improving their content by reinventing or introducing new features so that it can attract a lot of viewers on this site.

Social Media and SEO


As you can see, social media has a significant impact on SEO leading to the search ranking of any company’s website. If a company is able to exhaust valuable resources on these things, then it is guaranteed that they will have a steady flow of traffic to their website. By acquiring more traffic, this means a large possibility of gaining more customers. As everyone knows, this is beneficial for a business because these customers are the ones that bring in the profit.

About the Author

Eve HaugenEve Haugen has been a freelance writer for a long while. Her passion in writing is her main drive in crafting articles that are engaging, informative, and meaningful. Her partnership with QuickSEOResult has given her a whole new opportunity to take writing to a whole new level.