Librarything is another one of the three biggest book social  media sites. This is one of the bigger reader hot spots that provide authors with means to connect with readers and share their books with them and engage. Librarything has activities and tools than Shelfari, but it falls second to Goodreads.

How to Get Author Status on Librarything

  1. After you create your general account, try to find your book or one of your books by using the “find books” function.
  2. Once you find your book click on your name or pen name. After you click on the name, Libarything will ask “is this you?”
  3. Click yes and then your request for author status will be sent to Librarything staff for approval.
  4. Log in within a day or two to see if your request was approved. Once you are approved, you can begin building your author page and engaging in author activities.

Building Your LibraryThing Page

Building your page consists of putting books on your shelf, filling in your author information, and adding a photo. You may also put links to your website, blog, social media, and interviews. There is no limit to your number of links. Any function or group you are a member of will also display on your page. Your author page has several tabs of information about you that others can access as well. The home page keeps you in tune with what’s new on Librarything in general.

Author Activities

  • Author chat or interview. For established authors who have a big base, an author can participate in an author chat. This is not real-time, so the author can participate whenever, but don’t stay away too long. Newer or lesser-known authors can sign up for an interview instead. You start a new discussion thread with “Interview wanted with your name, genre”. The message will contain more information, but Librarything gives you all the information to include in the signup process. You’ll be contacted on your Librarything mail when someone wants to do the interview.
  • Early Review Program. You can sign up to be a reviewer or to give away ARCs (Advance Reader Copies) or books in the first six months of release. You must first enroll in the program to be able to participate. Once you register your book, Librarything will decide who will receive your books, but you are responsible for fulfilling the book orders. They will not send the books for you. Librarything checks that you take care of fulfillment and that the reviewers do their job.
  • Member Giveaway Program. To give away books you must sign up and have one of three credentials. Being a Librarything Author is one.  You can give away physical copies or eBooks. You also determine how long you want to run the giveaway and how many are given away. People will request your book if they are interested. After the giveaway term ends, Librarything will determine the winners and contact you. They will give you the winner’s information for delivery. Again, you are responsible for the fulfillment. You are also asked not to do anything with the person’s contact information except to deliver the book. You can request for the winner to post a review, but they are not required to do so.
  • Extras. Fill out extras about yourself and your books. This is a nifty way to add more information about you and your books to share with the community and build intrigue. It works the same way as it does for Shelfari.
  • The normal stuff. Groups, forums, and discussions are all the same here. Participate in the ones that interest you. Make friends and be friendly. Putting up your books helps people learn about you and looks good to the community. Put up your favorites and books about hobbies. You can put your own reviews up for your own books, but you must specify you wrote it by saying “posted by author”. Finding friends is pretty easy since they have a “friend finder” tool where you can see if any of your friends from Twitter, Facebook, etc are members.

Do Not Do On LibraryThing:

The same basic rules apply for Librarything as they do for Shelfari and other forums.

  • Recommend your own book at all.
  • Hijack discussions.
  • Spam people.
  • Plug your book where it doesn’t belong.

Librarything makes it clear in its TOS (Terms of Service). If you do any of these things, your author status will be revoked and you may be kicked off the site. They have a lot of author activities and they have places and discussions where it is okay to promote your book. Librarything will point you in the right direction, so ask or look around. The people there are friendly and eager to help you with any questions you may have. They encourage you to contact them with questions, and help is not far away.

Next week we will explore Goodreads and all of its cool features and glory!

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