Guest Post: How to Successfully Self-Publish a Kindle eBook by Evelyn Golston

I would like to welcome Evelyn M. Golston to NAG. She is here to share some thought about self publishing your ebook on Amazon Kindle. Enjoy!

Self Publishing on Amazon

Even though they don’t look at themselves as writers, a lot of people dream about writing and publishing a book. And there’s no better time to do this. The difficulty of self-publishing is no longer impossible.  Publishing eBooks is now made simple by

Forget your first impression about Amazon. It’s a lot more than web-based shopping cart software or an online store. There’s lot of writers like Seth Godin and Guy Kawasaki have published solely on Amazon. Here are some of their good reasons:

  • Amazon is the largest paid internet search engine on the planet. People do not Google things with  their debit/credit cards out wanting to buy, just like they are doing with Amazon.
  • Amazon rules the book market.
  • Amazon’s system of product reviews is an authority in measuring the quality of a book.
  • Amazon is an advertising and marketing machine all in one. When you start marketing a certain amount of copies, it promotes your book to other people who have never heard about you.
  • Amazon makes it simple. It is possible to publish elsewhere, but only few places make your book on the web and ready within just hours. Once you publish your very first book to Amazon, you focus the sales in one place and it can climb to the list of best sellers quicker.

Yes, you may get published, witness your information spread, and make a nice income using only a keyboard as well as your brain. Here is how you can publish an eBook through Amazon.

Step 1: Write

The first step to publish an e-book is, obviously, to write it. Think about 3 drafts:

1.         The “vomit draft” – This is what it seems like you’re throwing up on a blank page. Definitely not a warming image, but that’s the idea. Here, you’ll compose a Table of Contents, lay out the chapters and write all of the scenes, stories and ideas. No matter how it looks like, pretty or not; simply make it.

2.         The review draft – It is the stage when you spend time developing what you would like to say and in what way. At this stage, you need to share your work with your close friends and ask them for feedback.

3.         The editorial draft – It is the stage when you ask assistance from an expert or a close friend with good knowledge not only in grammar, but in structuring the story and the elements of style. Every draft may, in reality, have several versions. But this 3 -step approach will assist you in getting the work finished without getting stalled.

Step 2: Format and Design

The moment you’ve finished writing your book, here’s how to proceed:

1.         Format it for Kindle – You can attempt this yourself utilizing a program called Calibre, or maybe you can simply pay someone to accomplish it for you.  If it is about your life, its worth spending several hundred dollars to make it work right.

2.         Design the cover – Avoid skimping on this or have somebody without enough experience to do it for you.  If you’re on a tight budget, consider Crowdspring or 99 Designs. Both are affordable outsourcing services. Request a JPEG image with at least 2500 pixels around the longest side and with a height and weight ratio of 1.6 in conformity to Amazon publishing guidelines.

3.         Verify everything and have your friends check your book for errors – It is a significant step, so don’t skip it. If you’d like more assistance, visit

Step 3: Publish

To actually make your e-book available for purchase on, it only takes 12 simple steps:

1. Visit and logon.

2. Enroll your tax information for royalties.

3. Click on “Bookshelf” then click on “Add new title.”

4. Complete the form, such as book title, keywords, description and you would like website visitors to search to locate your book.

5. Upload the JPEG format cover file.

6. Upload your book file.

7. Test out your book with the Amazon online viewer to be sure that it looks right.

8. Click on “Save and continue” and proceed to page where you can see “Rights and Pricing” .

9. Select “Worldwide Rights.”

10. Select a 70% royalty fee and choose your price, informing the global prices adjust depending on the US price. The majority of e-books costs around $2.99 to 9.99. This is the most recommended price rate.

11. Click on “Save” and “Publish”.

12. Amazon will e-mail you once the book is ready. This may take 2448 hours although it happens a lot more speedily.

Step 4: Promote

You’re now all set to tell the whole world about your e-book. Before you do that, reviews are needed. They are very important, since they are your “social evidence” that legitimizes your project to new readers.

Prior to the release of your e-book, give some copies to your family members, friends, , and online followers who will be ready to give a review. In case you don’t know anybody who would be ready to do that, visit, a site which helps authors to get free and ethical reviews.

As soon as the book is published, tell your first readers to give your book reviews. Anticipate 25-50% of those that promised, to actually do that. Your reviews don’t necessarily be 5-star reviews. The truth is, having a handful of honest reviews of your work can give you an even greater authority compared to a lot of superficial compliments.

Readers can leave their reviews on Amazon just a few days ahead of the date of publishing. So a good way to achieve this is to release your book 1 week before you decide to tell anyone about this. This way, you can develop enough early reviews that will help sell your book to new readers. Once it is “officially” released, then you can direct readers to the webpage where they can see some excellent reviews of your book.

The AUTHOR is a writer of e-Books on Amazon. She has successfully published several titles and has earned substantial income from royalties. She is also an essay writer at Essay Jedi where you can find the best essay writers.

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